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My Hobbies

I tend to enjoy many different activities, especially those that are outdoors.

During the winter nothing can keep me away from the slopes to ski and snowboard.  Snow shoeing is also great.

The Fall and spring are some of the best times to hike. I prefer to hike in the Gatineau Hills as they are just a bike ride away. When my pals and I get together for the weekend we would try to get out to places like Desert Lake (6 hours north of Ottawa) or Tremblant near Montreal.  There we feel at home, camping in the woods.

During the summer if I could I would go out on the water whether it be for a swim, to relax at the beach, or my favorite summer sport sailing.  When I can't make it to the water I bike in the forest.


Since 2014 I have been doing the Army Run half marathons and have even ran two Ottawa marathons.  I ran the half marathon every year and have not missed a commander's challenge yet (5km followed by the 21.1 km run).  

I love to travel, probably more then anything.  One of the main reasons I chose a career in the Navy is that it will always have opportunities to travel to new places and learn about new cultures, and traditions.  

Traveling has been with me my whole life; as my father was in the military and got postings very often.  Since I was two I have been moving to different cities every 3 years, which lasted until I was 15.  By far the best place I have lived in was Naples, Italy.  Throughout the three years I lived in Europe I traveled to 10 different countries thanks to the Canadian Youth Group and family road trips.  

Sitting out beside the river drinking our warm drink after camping overnight near Tremblant.

Interests and Activities

Out and about

"One of the best things you can do is to turn your interests and hobbies into your daily job."

best of times